Two Simple Nutrition Hacks

As The Saying Goes…

You don’t have to plan out your entire month or even a week’s worth of meals. Here are two tips that take minimal planning to execute and will set you up for success.

  1. Go through your cupboards: Clean out all the foods that are contradictory to your goals. Candies, processed carbs, and junk food should all go. Trust me, if it’s on hand or easily accessible you will cheat. The least you can do is make it more difficult.
  2. Create a shopping list full of healthy wholesome foods: Keep this list handy, like on your phone or in your purse or wallet. This should be your go-to shopping list that contains foods that are inline with your goals.

Any time you’re running low on food pull out your list and take a trip to the grocery store. Soon shopping for healthy food will become second nature!

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