The Benefits of Floating and Theta-State Brain Waves

I feel like I’m mildly stoned. It’s like someone flipped the kill switch on my stress and cortisol levels and it’s all I can do to gather my senses and adjust to my loud chaotic surroundings. I’m pretty sure I just experienced the most incredible relaxing sensations in one of the craziest, loudest and most obnoxious cities on earth… Bangkok.

If you’re keeping up with my blog you’ll know that my first experience with floating had some amazing results with my problematic back. Check out my first experience here.

I just finished my fourth floating experience. I’m now sitting at “sleepy” little wine bar about ten feet from a 4’8″ Thai guy with an angle grinder going to town on a steel pipe. It’s actually comical how I’m writing about the chaos of Bangkok and just to prove my point out comes this guy.

Where are my headphones?…. ah, that’s better.

Back to floating.

So, What is it?

It makes me think of the dead sea. Water so salty you can float with no effort whatsoever. Also, you are completely and utterly cut off from the outside world. I mean nothing. Complete darkness, no sound, no light, and nothing touching you except for water that is the exact same temperature as your body. Imagine that for 60-120 minutes. It really is an experience.

It’s called sensory deprivation and it’s one of the most incredible things you can experience. If you’re a Type-A personality, listen up. Complete sensory deprivation forces your brain to go into a Theta brain wave pattern.

Forget all the hippie BS you think about meditation. Science is starting to show that theta brainwaves have benefits beyond what anyone could’ve imagined. If you’ve ever been in the “zone” during a cardio session or during a training session you understand Theta brain waves. Time doesn’t exist and thought, while it’s still barely there, becomes muted, elegant, and clear all at once.

This is a time when you really can have epiphanies (and who doesn’t like those?).

I’m really hitting my stride with these floats. It’s like training my mind to get into that runner’s high state of mind where doubt and effort are non-issues. As Nike would put it I’m to Just do it.

By far the best float yet.

I went into this float knowing what to expect and I was completely prepared.

If you’re about to float, I recommend doing this, find something that motivates you into a positive mindset. One of my favorite things to do, when I’m feeling deflated, is to watch Bob Proctor on youtube. If you’ve watched, and really listened to the Born Rich seminar you’ll know what I mean.

Whatever it takes, get into a good mindset. One where you are thinking, not just feeling blah. If you have a big problem and you absolutely have to overcome it? Good, drop everything and go float.

This particular float I didn’t have any pressing issues to overcome but I was certainly in a positive mindset.

I settled in quickly and started focusing on my breaths. It’s about all there is to do. I’ve meditated plenty times before. This is like meditation times 10. I quickly dropped into a relaxed state and could feel myself drifting off to another place.

*Quick note* If you are not comfortable in water i.e. you can’t swim. I will tell you this takes some getting use too. It will take a few times for you to have the same experience as someone comfortable in the water.

If you don’t have a hard time with water you’ll be fine. When you first get in it takes some time to get situated and comfortable. You can even feel a little antsy for about 10-15 minutes. Eventually, your brain shuts down and you begin to relax. It’s like forced meditation. Your brain has to shut down with the sensory deprivation.

What happens during the float

From that point on, trying to describe it is nearly impossible. You can fall asleep but for most people, they are able to stay awake. One more prolific experience I keep having is I feel as though I’m in a different place. Also, I’ll sometimes have a moment where I’ll be totally relaxed and I’ll have a body part involuntarily twitch and it will startle me back to reality. It maybe I’m drifting off to sleep but it only happens from time to time.

Theta-state float center, Bangkok

This is where I go to do my floating. The owner Annile, is business partners with the fitness center I work at. The facility has a fantastic chilled-out vibe to it. The staff is super attentive and takes great care to make sure you enjoy your experience. Since knowing Annile, if you find yourself in Bangkok and are interested in a float I can get you 25%. All you have to do is hit me up and let me know you’re interested!

Pictured below is where you chill out after your float. I find this really important so I’m able to transition back to reality. You can really feel out of it after an hour-long float.


In fact, on the wall, he has a poster reminding you to get your shoes before you leave. People do walk off with their slippers.


You get your own private room with either a pod or a float chamber. There are shower facilities in each room with soap, shampoo, conditioner, and lotion.



Overall experience

I think the benefits of floating are fantastic. I’m able to completely shut off the outside world and that really helps me with new perspectives on things. It’s also really relaxing not thinking about my phone or social media, but really shutting everything off.

Not to mention I feel I’m able to go into a Theta-state brainwave pattern much easier since trying floating. It makes my cardio sessions and strength training sessions much more enjoyable. I’m more focused on everyday tasks and I’m less stressed. Especially after a float.

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