1. Does online coaching actually work?

Of course, it works! Most people don’t need a trainer one-on-one barking at them for every rep during a session. It’s not only expensive but it can be difficult to schedule, not very flexible, and takes too much time

With online training you get the custom plan, you set the schedule, the plans are flexible, and once you learn the movements your workouts will be much more efficient.

2. How long until I receive my custom plan?

Within 24 hours of submitting your new client form. I will have your custom plan in place. You will receive a welcome email with everything you need to get started.

3. What’s included?

  • Customized training program according to your goals/limitations
  • My nutrition guide with easy to follow guidelines
  • Access to my online portal where you can access your account
  • Android or iOS app where you can track your workouts, access the nutrition guide and communicate with me directly
  • Weekly email/message support from me
  • Monthly Skype consultation

4. Do I have to take before and after pics?

Yes, this is a very important part of tracking progress. Especially if one of your goals is your appearance. Without pictures, we won’t know if you’re progressing. It can also be extremely motivating to see how your body is improving.

5. Can I do the workout at home?

Yes! You don’t need a room full of equipment to get a great workout. I can customize your program to use whatever equipment you have access to. Even with just bodyweight, you can get a great effective workout.

Ideally, you should have a few different dumbbells, a bench or stability ball, a pull-up bar, and/or a suspension trainer.

6. What programs do you offer?

Each program I create is custom made for each client and is completely dependent upon their goals, limitations, and equipment available.

I do not use cookie cutter programs.

Programs can be designed for fat loss, hypertrophy (muscle gain), athletic performance, improved strength, and functional movements.

7. Do you have a sample plan?

No, as stated above all programs are custom made to each person. No two programs will look the same.

8. How can I calculate my body fat?

The easiest way is to use Bioelectrical Impedance (BEI). This is a device used to quickly and easily measure body-fat. This is best performed several times per week under the same circumstances to get an accurate measurement.

Another method would be to go to a gym where you can get an experienced trainer to perform skinfold measurements. This can be more accurate than BEI, just make sure the trainer is experienced with this method of measuring body fat.

Finally, one of the most accurate ways to measure your body fat would be to hydrostatic weighing or use a “bod pod”. Contact a hospital or local university to see if they provide this service. While this is the most accurate it can be somewhat expensive.

9. Do we work together in-person?

No. I offer one-on-one services (at a fee) but I’m only available in the Bangkok area. I provide as much support and guidance as possible but, the whole idea is to empower clients to do the work on their own. When they are empowered to work out on their own they are more likely to stick to the program.

10. I just had a baby, can I still workout?

You shouldn’t start an exercise program until after 6-8 weeks of giving birth. Ideally, you should have your post-natal checkup and get clearance from your doctor.

11. I have diabetes, can I still workout?

Absolutely! Exercise, or more specifically, lifting weights has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity in type-II diabetics. As with all medical conditions, it’s important to get clearance from your physician first.

12. I’m over 50’s, can I still see results?

Yes! Not only can you still see results you will feel them. Increased range of motion, less pain, less fatigue, and improved quality of life are only a few of the benefits associated with exercise.

It’s never too late to start some type of exercise program. As stated above, all of my programs are custom designed for each client. It doesn’t matter your strength level, equipment available, or limitations I can design a program for you.

13. Can the program work for skinny guys wanting to build muscle?

Absolutely. I can design a program specifically designed for muscle growth. Any skinny guy can build muscle, it just takes the right combination of training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset. I can design you a program to help you with all four.

14. Do you guarantee results?

Yes, I do. I am 100% confident I can design a program specifically for you that will help you achieve your goals. It’s up to you whether you implement that plan. I’m here for support and guidance but you have to do the work. If you complete your program and it doesn’t work, I’ll refund your money.

15. How do I sign up?

Go to my online coaching information page here. At the bottom, you can choose your plan and get started right away.

Do you still have questions?

Send me a message and let me know what’s up.