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Are you:

– Succeeding in your profession but struggling with your health and fitness?

– Finding it difficult to get motivated for workouts or perhaps needing more guidance?

– Looking to build strength and lose fat?

– Needing the flexibility to train whenever and wherever you want?

– Willing and ready to invest anywhere from $90-$240 per month into your health?


if that’s you, then keep reading…


You know what?

Your goals are closer than you realize, and you can do it in less than 90 days!



What’s included with every program:

– Customized exercise program tailored to your goals.

Your custom training plan will include everything you need to accomplish your fitness goals. With my step-by-step implementation plan, you’ll make incredible progress towards your fitness goals in no time at all.

– Nutritional consultation

During our initial skype consultation, we will go over my simple nutrition guidelines. I’ll show you tricks to getting your nutrition just right and how you can almost cheat your way to a leaner fitter physique.

– Access your program anywhere, anytime.

As long as you have your mobile handy, you can access your program anytime. With my Android/iOS application, you can access your workouts, nutrition guide, demonstration videos, track body stats, and much more! Flexibility is the name of the game.

– Incredible value, guaranteed

Time to dump the old routines and try new ways to attack your gut. I’ll work with you on getting your program just right and help you really nail your diet.



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I’ve been doing this for over 15 years.

I started my fitness journey when I was 14 years old. I was tired of being the fat, out of shape kid, and decided to take control of how I felt and what I saw in the mirror. Fast forward 16 years and I’ve gotten top certifications and a B.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology.

Helping people transform their bodies and mindset is what I do. It’s as simple as following a few guidelines I specifically lay out for you in your program.

I’ve realized more and more, most clients are capable of working out on their own with a little push from me every once in awhile. While online training might not be for everyone, most people can see incredible results working out on their own. They just need a little guidance.

30 – 60 mins a day to accomplish your health and fitness goals. Short intense workouts and an easy to follow nutrition plan are the keys to achieving most health goals. I help you take the guesswork out of your training and nutrition. I can’t say it will be easy, but with the right mindset, anyone can do it.

It’s as simple as download, log in, and go!

We live in the age of technology. With my program, you can access your entire program from your mobile device

I want to show you that there’s a way you can:

  • Track everything you do in the gym.
  • Input all your measurements
  • Access line graphs to track progress.
  • View live demos of exercises
  • Quickly access your meal guide
  • and most importantly, communicate with me.

All from your mobile device. This is all inclusive. When you sign up with me there are no upsells!

I know it may not sound like rocket science, but there’s nothing else like it on the market.

From your mobile…

Mobile calendar to schedule workouts, update stats, and track progress.

Quick access to check your progress.

Access your entire training program.

Quickly add a workout, cardio, body stat, or progress photos.

Access your workouts and track your reps and weights.

Watch video demonstrations and see your progress for each exercise.

Get motivation when you break personal bests.

Track your cardio activities.

Access the online portal from your PC

Get reminders and schedule workouts with the online calender.

Quickly access your workouts and watch video demonstrations.

See your custom plan and get step-by-step instructions.

Communicate directly with me.

See your progression over the course of the program.

No more conflicting schedules with expensive trainers. With my weekly communication, you’re in the driver’s seat while still being held accountable. It’s all about your goals and what you wish to accomplish.

This is your chance to finally stop chasing your tail and get the results you’ve been looking for.



I know you might be ready to get started, but before you throw your hard earned cash at this, I need to gather a little information.

***This information is important when determining if online training is right for you.***

1. Your First & Last Name

2. Your Email

3. Height

4. Weight

5. Skype ID or Phone Number

6. Date of birth

7. So we can build a little rapport, tell me what your favorite book, movie, or podcast is.

8. Do you exercise regularly?

9. Rate your experience with exercise.

10. What do you hope to achieve by signing up for this program?

11. Do you have any pre-existing injuries or conditions I should be aware of?

12. Have you ever signed-up for online coaching before?

13. Why is joining a premium web-based training program important to you?

14. Are you 110% willing to commit to this program?