My 12-week Body Transformation and the FitProFree brand.

I’m not really excited when it comes to talking about myself.

Until recently I did everything I could to make this website into something that never really had a chance at succeeding. I had a vision of competing with the likes of Men’s Health when it comes to fitness guidance. Little did I know what a task that would be. I wrote about everything I could and slaved away for hours every day trying my best to create content that I hoped would compete with the big boys and rank in Google.

I was unaware of a concept known as content farming. Rooms of people being paid to create the exact same thing I was creating. These corporations would pay these people based on numbers of words. They had the money and the power to pay a room full of people. Ranking on google for them was like throwing 100 darts at a dart board all at once. More than likely, one will hit the bulls eye. How am I suppose to compete with 100 darts to my measly one or two posts a week? I was missing one key element that could set me apart. More on that later.

This website, while it may look nice really is a labor of love rather than a cash cow. While I certainly hope that changes one day I’m not quitting my day job and moving to the beach anytime soon.

While struggling to compete with these massive corporations I not only created a lot of undue stress I simultaneously dehumanized the fitprofree brand. As I said before I’m not much on talking about myself.

Well, sometimes things need to fall into place.

Today after talking with a fellow blogger friend, Johhny,  he said, “man, you’ve got to humanize your brand.” And he was exactly right. One thing I have that Men’s Health doesn’t? Me. I’m a people person with a particular skill set. I going to use that skill set to help people achieve their fitness goals.

My buddy Johnny has traveled to almost every country in the world. Seriously, he’s at 193 of 196. It’s incredible. Johnny has a huge following. You should check him out at I’ve even helped him complete his own body transformation.

It’s come time to put a face to the name.

It’s nothing special, just me showing off my deadlifting skills and a cute one of me and my girlfriend. Hey, it’s a start 😉

Personal Trainers sans sixpack

When it comes to being a coach some of the best in the world aren’t necessarily the fittest. They may be strong and have good form on technical lifts, but the thought of them competing in any type of competition would be laughable at best. That’s not to discredit them either. Instead of improving their bodies, they’ve been garnering a vast amount of knowledge in their field of expertise.

While I consider myself a damn fine coach (thank you very much), I’ve never experienced the real struggle behind a total body transformation. I think there are a few things to blame (or accredit); I’ve always been an active person, I’ve run more triathlons than I can count, I’ve played a number of high-intensity sports throughout my life, and sitting for more than a few hours drives me absolutely nuts.

Lastly, my whole family works out. When I was 14 my mom used to wake me up at 4am every morning to go to the gym before school. I willingly not only worked out then but worked out harder than anyone else during those hours. I remember when I turned 16 I was so excited not because I could drive but because I could use the weight room without parental guidance.

I guess it’s little surprise I became an exercise physiologist and health coach. All of this has lead to me constantly being lean and fairly strong but never in a “Jacked” state of being. I was certainly at my peak in my twenties (six-pack and all), maintaining that level of fitness long-term is not easy no matter who you are.

One thing I’ve always struggled with is getting my weight above 195 lbs. Recently, I achieved what I thought was impossible. I hit 200 lbs and it lasted for about 1 week before it quickly dropped back down. Life, a busy work schedule, and the large amount of calories required to maintain that weight proved to be too much. Within two to three months, I was back down to my regular weight of 175. When I was at 200 lbs, I had to buy new pants for a job interview. Now when I put them on it looks like I’m wearing a potato sack. I wasn’t pudgy but damn I was thick and strong as hell.

Not that I should be complaining about being 175 lbs! a lot of people would love to be that weight. Me, I was never really satisfied with how I looked at 175 lbs. Some people have the natural “V” shape and big arms, not me. I’ve got to take my training to another level to even look like I work out. Skinny arms and calves are just in my genetics. Plus I’ve got a big noggin’ so 200lbs looks more proportionate.

While it’s easy for me to sit here and make excuses, I know I’ve never really had the discipline with my nutrition to achieve and maintain what I’ve really wanted, and that’s me being completely honest. What’s worse is that’s coming from someone that gives regular seminars on nutrition and regulating insulin levels for muscle growth and/or fat loss. I know some of you are shaking your heads right now. But hey, we’re not talking about weight loss. Gaining lean body mass is just as hard if not harder than losing fat mass.

When it comes to health and fitness there’s something known as the trifecta. The right combination of training, nutrition, and recovery can seemingly work miracles. That’s exactly what I plan to do.

The game plan

Over the course of the next 12 weeks, I will be posting weekly updates about my progress. Including my struggles, my achievements, pictures, everything. Here is a breakdown of how I plan on attacking the trifecta:


Fortunately, I live in Bangkok, the city of cheap healthy food delivery. Brown rice, veggies, and lean meats are the primary source of calories. It cost 89 Thai baht or about $2.50 per meal delivered. Three to four of the above pictured meals a day. I’ll also be eating something every few hours to maintain a certain level of fullness at all times. This will be during the first few weeks to see how my body responds. I’ll also be monitoring my recovery and energy levels.

Additionally, I’ll be consuming a morning, post workout, and nighttime protein shake.

I’m also big on taking creatine. You can read my review on creatine here. Tomorrow is the last day of my loading phase of 20 grams per day. After tomorrow I will drop down to 10 grams per day.


The first week I’m working on a little prehab work. For me, this primarily means shoulder/core stability. I’m also working on my hamstring strength as well as some leg adduction work.

While prehab training changes from person to person, many people suffer from poor shoulder strength and stability. If you have weak or unstable shoulders, I’d love to share my bulletproof shoulder routine with you. Enter your email and I’ll send you a simple workout you can do with a few light weight dumbbells. I promise in less than 30 mins a week for four weeks it will not only bulletproof your shoulders but can also improve any and all pressing exercises you do including bench press.

Join my 12-week transformation email list and I’ll also send you my entire training plan as it comes out.

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8 hours of sleep every night and no bright lights 1 hour before bed. Sleep is crucial to maintaining proper hormone levels. This is especially true with testosterone. It’s also important to let muscles recover after the big lifts. More on that as I go through the workouts, but at least 48 hours between big lifts.


This part is absolutely crucial. I’m doing this challenge with another fellow trainer and friend Aaron. With his approval, I’ll be sharing his progress as well. He will be doing his own diet but the workouts will be the same.

One of the biggest things is I will be focusing on what I ultimately plan on achieving. Everything created started out as a vision in someone’s mind. You have to visualize it before you can achieve it. I will be focusing on staying in a positive mindset and keeping my thoughts on success. I believe this will be key in me achieving me my goals.

I’m halfway through week one.

Friday be on the look out for my next post for everything about this week. I’ll be posting the before pictures and my one-week progress photos.

Thanks for reading guys.

Again, to get updates and the workouts as they come, put your email in the field above and I’ll send you an email when I post something new. (not more than twice a week.)

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