KettleBells – A 1700’s Throwback from Russian Farmers

A kettlebell is essentially a cannonball with a handle. Who would’ve thought you could get such an amazing workout with one of these bad boys. One of my favorite pieces of equipment wasn’t always meant for exercise, though. It started out a method for Russian farmers to weight their crops in the 1700’s. It has only just recently become a phenomenon stateside that has hit gyms of all types. Offering a unique way to blast the entire body through ballistic heart-pounding exercises kettlebells offer a one of a kind way to exercise. They can target huge muscle groups and improve a more natural holistic type of strength and muscular endurance. What is also unique about kettlebells is you really need a kettlebell to perform the exercises properly. The offset handle allows for unique hand positions and a more momentous swing when performing the quick movements.

If you are just starting out with kettlebells, it is recommended you go slowly. Don’t start out with too heavy of a weight until you become comfortable with the exercises. Also, a lot of these movements are performed in a ballistic type movement. Be certain you have a sure grip and if you’re working out at home I recommend locking up the dog and keep the kids away. I’d hate for one of them to take a swing to the ole’ noggin.

When it comes to build-quality of a kettlebell you’d think it’d be hard to mess up.  It’s a cast iron or steel ball with a handle. Well, you’d be surprised. There’s a wide variety of kettlebells out there to choose from and there are many factors that determine a quality product. Some are great for home and aerobic use and some are great for heavier strength training. I’m listing two of the Kettlebells that fit the need of someone looking to hit both at a reasonable price. First I’ll review the recommended option and then we’ll look at a budget option.

The Rogue KettleBell

One brand that covers the full spectrum of kettlebell applications is the Rogue Kettlebell. When it comes to quality kettlebells you certainly can’t go wrong especially at this price. I love Rogue Fitness products. When you grab a piece of equipment made by Rogue Fitness you can immediately feel the difference. This kettlebell is no different.

Some of the key features:

Premium materials: That means no scrap metal. Only the highest quality first run iron ore makes it into these bells.

Void-free Surface: Most cheaply made kettlebells use a traditional casting process which can leave voids in the metal. Rogue has implemented a proprietary casting process creating the smoothest finish possible. This, in turn, creates a smooth comfortable handle.

Single piece casting: There are no moving parts here. The handle and ball are cast as one piece creating a nearly indestructible piece of equipment. The smooth surface created in the casting process means Rogue doesn’t use caps, plugs, or patches like lower quality kettlebells.

Wide flat machined base: The base of this kettlebell is machined flat creating a stable wobble-free surface.

Finish: This one’s a biggie. Rogue uses a matte black powder coat finish that has a great feel and holds chalk. Cheaper kettlebells typically come with a thick epoxy finish that can feel rough and unnatural in your hands.

Colors: All the handles are color coded to aid in quick identification of the different weights.

For more information check out

These are truly top notch kettlebells for a great price. Unfortunately, shipping can add quite a bit to the price tag. So, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option I suggest checking out my next review.

Titan Fitness Kettlebells

these weights are a good starting point to get your feet wet in the world of kettlebells.

The finish is a natural finish which is certainly better than the epoxy finish you get with most cheap sets. Also, with many of the lower quality sets they tend to forget about proper handle sizes. At TitFitnessess, they have made sure to properly adjust the handle sizes as you move up or down in weight. As a starter set, this is certainly a good option. You can check out the Solid Titan Fitness Kettlebells here for more information.


A quick note, as you get stronger and decide to use heavier kettlebells you will really start noticing a slight increase in quality can make a huge difference. It’s recommended that anything above 25 lbs you should move to a higher quality product. Trust me your hands will thank you.

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