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Ab rollers are a great inexpensive piece of equipment that can really help strengthen the core muscles. Not only will you work your core but you will also hit the arms, chest, and lats. There are several modifications you can do with the ab roller to hit the obliques, but overall it’s a pretty simple piece of equipment based on one movement. Simply start with your knees on the floor and hands holding the grips. Roll the wheel straight out the while letting your hips drop towards the ground and extended your arms forward. Sounds simple enough but can be rather difficult to perform if you are a beginner.

One way to help you perform the exercise better is to simply keep trying and build up over time. Your muscles will eventually adapt to the exercise as you get stronger and you will naturally get better. For some people having a more difficult time, you can try some other exercises to help you master the ab roller. They include but aren’t limited too, planks, hanging leg raises, pushups, lat pulldowns, and squats. 15 reps for two to three sets done three days a week for two weeks will strengthen the muscles enough to help you conquer the ab roller. If you’d like to add a great piece of equipment that won’t break the bank check out the review below.

Ab Roller Wheel

Being a great addition to any home gym, this ab roller is solid! I’ve chosen this one over the many competitors out there because of it’s simple design and it has many great reviews on Amazon.com. The design of an ab roller doesn’t need to be complicated. A free spinning wheel with handles is all you need. That being said the quality of the plastic and the assembly need to be tough enough to support your weight over and over again. That’s where the single wheel design comes in. It’s a larger width providing greater resilience and stability. It is also the perfect width for performing the oblique modifications. This is where you roll the wheel out at a curve or to one side to target the muscles at the side of the abs.

It’s also been noted that the wheel spins just the right amount of smooth controlled movement back and forth during the exercise. This will certainly give a greater feeling of quality and confidence while using this ab roller. With other brands, you may notice the wheel doesn’t roll smoothly which can be distracting while performing the exercise.

According to Amazon.com’s description, there is a word of caution:

WARNING: When using the Flawless Fitness Ab Roller Wheel we recommend you start slowly and increase the intensity as you increase your core strength. Using the ab wheel roller will push your core strength pretty hard and you do not have to push yourself too hard. A few minutes a day will be a good place to start strengthening your core. It is not recommended to use this equipment if you have lower back issues, hernias or other similar issues.

So, certainly make sure you start out slowly. If you still have a difficult time with the ab roller I recommend strengthening your core and assisting muscles by performing the recommended exercises above. If you have any back issues it’s best to speak with your doctor or a certified physical therapist before performing this exercise.

Another option available on the market is an ab wheel that utilizes a metal coil on inside wheel. This offers a bit of assistance with the exercise but according to some reviews, it will actually make it too easy. What’s more is, as I stated above it’s best to not complicate things when it comes to an ab roller. It appears that the coils are prone to breaking. So, not only is it flimsy, it typically costs more and provides less benefit. My thoughts? Go with the product above or one similar. It is far superior and will last a lot longer. It may be difficult at first, but you can and will grow into it with a little practice and patience.

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