The Best Workouts – A Little Something For Everyone!

Deciding on which workout is best for you all comes down to what your fitness goals are and what equipment you have available. When performing these routines it’s important to follow the instructions as they are laid out. Try not to substitute any exercise with one that works the same muscle group and be sure to do all of the exercises in order. Also, it’s important you adhere to the allotted rest times. Need help with an exercise? Check out’s The Best Exercises Series for guidance on how to perform the exercises properly.

To understand the premise and design of the workouts below, I suggest reading the Beginner’s Guide. It breaks down all aspects of a good workout. You can then modify or create your own workouts to suit your fitness goals based on the latest scientific research.

If you are working out at home check out my Essential Home Gym Equipment article for more information on what I recommend.

Strength Training Routine for Beginners

A well-rounded routine that focuses on big movements to help build-up your functional balanced strength. A great starting point for first-time weight lifters.

Strength Training Routine for Women

Here’s one specifically geared towards what most women are looking to work when they workout. It’s a nine-week program with four phases. These are total body routines, but emphasize the glutes/legs, triceps, core development, and fat loss.

The Superman Workout Routine

Build pure power and strength. This program is designed to build up your body and pack on slabs of muscle. There are three phases to this routine making with two rest weeks making it a fourteen-week long program.

The Fat Incinerator

A 10 exercise circuit routine designed to help kick your fat burners into overdrive. This workout is intense but can be modified for beginners or kicked up a notch for those more advanced.

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