Valor Fitness BD-11 Hard Power Rack

When it comes to recommending a power rack I took durability, available options, functionality, and price into consideration. The one I found that ticks all the boxes is the Valor Fitness BD-11 Hard Power Rack.

Coming in at $459.82 with free shipping, the price and available features with this one are hard to compete with. It comes standard with four solid steel bar supports and 2 solid steel squat safety bars. There is also a knurled multi-grip pull-up bar to round it out. Optional accessories include lat pulldown/low row pulley attachment, dip bars, dumbbell holders, and a slew of Olympic weight adapters and cable grip attachments.

Although, those are pretty standard options when it comes to power racks the one thing that really drew me in was the amount of room inside the rack. A lot of power racks can feel more like cages if they are too small. Considering the price range of these racks it better to go with one a little pricier and avoid regretting getting one too small. This one is expansive with dimensions of 46″ long x 48″ wide x 87″ high. That gives you plenty of room so you don’t feel cramped when doing squats or deadlifts.

The durability of this power rack is up there with the best of them. When performing pull-ups or dips you may experience a little give but nothing beyond what is to be expected. It comes with rubber foot pads, but It’s recommended you also use a hard rubber fitness mats under the rack to prevent marring floors. This will also ensure the rack won’t budge when racking heavyweights after a set of barbell squats. Before purchasing make sure you have enough room to not only accommodate the power rack but also the movement of a seven-foot Olympic bar.

Optional Attachments

When it comes to accessories this rack has plenty to choose from

The first one I recommend it the MB-A BD-11 Dip Handle Accessory set. At $43.93 these handles come with multiple options when it comes to mounting positions. They can be used inside or outside of the rack. This can keep them out of the way while performing other exercises inside the rack. Perfect if doing a circuit or superset with low rest times and don’t want to waste time making adjustments on the rack. They are suitable for weights up to 365 pounds. Beyond that, you can expect some bending in the bars.

The next accessory is the BD-11L Lat Pull Attachment. This is used to add a high and low pulley to the power rack. At $201.92 it does cost a pretty penny but will add a multitude of exercises to your home-gym arsenal. The position of the pulleys are static and cannot be adjusted. You can either use the high or low pulley. This means performing external rotator exercises is not really an option. Be sure to make sure you ceiling is high enough to accommodate this attachment. It will add some overhead height to your power rack. It also comes with a leg brace for when doing lat pulldowns. This will help keep your butt planted while lifting heavier weights. The max weight limit recommended is 250 pounds.

As for the cable attachment accessories, there are many options available. I would recommend starting with a 38-inch Lat bar and a triceps rope. When you’re ready you can order a single hand grip and then a short 20-inch row bar.

When it comes to Valor Fitness itself they have a good reputation with customer service. If you receive a defective part they will quickly send you a replacement at no charge. This is one company that I can stand behind when it comes to quality equipment and support.

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