The Ultimate Fat Burning Workout

When I was in high school and played competitive sports the weight room is where you went to improve strength and that was it. If we were looking to improve our cardiovascular endurance or burn fat we went to the field and ran suicides or the vomit inducing hill sprints. My how things have changed over the course of a decade. Thanks to recent research out of The University of Wisconsin we now know that lifting weights can boost our calorie and fat burning hormones for around 39 hours post workout. What’s more is a study out of the University of Southern Maine has shown that doing an 8-minute total body circuit can burn 159 to 231 calories giving us the same effect as running a 6-minute-mile.

Now, don’t go hanging up your running shoes and reach for the Doritos just yet. As a runner if you limit yourself to only lifting weights it won’t necessarily make you a better runner, but it will certainly help. When it comes to ditching the gut we can look at it the same way. It’s best to consider lifting weights as one crucial part to your fat loss routine. The other two important components are cardio and of course DIET.

The objective of this routine is to help you burn fat while maintaining muscle. Why not just focus on diet and cardio alone? How about losing up to 40% more fat when you combine all three. Need more motivation? When you don’t lift weights up to 25% of the weight you drop is attributed to muscle loss. This isn’t some meathead talk to get you pumping iron this is based on groundbreaking research out of Penn State University. That means bye-bye perky butt and sexy arms, and hello skinny fat… You get where I’m going with this.

If you are new to lifting weights, I highly recommend doing two weeks of my Weight Lifting Routine for Beginners. It will help you get a solid break in period and prime your muscle for maximum results. This is a circuit routine with timed sets designed for you to complete as many repetitions as possible in the set amount of time. When doing this workout you may feel like your heart is going to literally jump out of your chest and slap you in the face… That means you’re doing it right.

The Fat Incinerator:

circuits are performed by doing each exercise back to back for a set number of rounds. The goal of this workout is to do one minute of each exercise for three rounds. You want to keep rest times to about 15 seconds between each exercise and 2 minutes between each circuit. If you’re a circuit newbie you will need to bring the exercise times down to about 30 seconds and maybe even rest for 30 seconds as well. Commit yourself to increasing your exercise time at least every week if not every workout by 10-15 seconds till you reach one minute. Incorporate a solid cardio routine for the off days and follow a few dietary guidelines and you won’t believe what can happen in four weeks.

Use light weights for this routine. All you will need are some dumbbells. Have fun!


Plank Run

Bent-Over Row

Squat Hold Jumps

Med. Ball Pushups Alt. Hands

Russian Twist

Walking Dumbbell Rotation

Side-Plank Elbow Touch

Power Lateral Squat Jumps

Alternating shoulder press

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