Strength Training Exercises

Welcome to’s The Best Exercise Series

This is the definitive guide when it comes to all the big strength training exercises. Categorized by muscle group this guide is designed to help you perfect your form and get the most benefit from each exercise you do. Not to mention, help prevent injury as the result of not doing an exercise properly.

Nearly all exercises have one or more modifications that can increase odifficultye the difficult to suit your goals and/or level of fitness. Each modification will be listed below the Primary Movement and will Give a short description on how to perform it. I will also include a Pro Tip section to help you get the most out of each exercise. Want to workout at home? I will also list the required equipment with a link to my equipment reviews to help you make an educated purchase on your fitness equipment.

If you are just getting started with weightlifting, I highly recommend going through the’s Beginner’s Guide for more information on how workouts are organized. This will show you how to formulate a game plan and organize your workouts to achieve your fitness goals.

It’s important to note, the description for each exercise is merely a guideline used for ensuring proper form. It is not intended to take the place of a hands-on trained professional. It’s highly recommended you talk to your doctor before performing any exercise and seek the guidance of a certified professional to ensure you are using proper form.

It’s also important to note, even when performed explosively for improved athletic performance exercise is not dangerous. Only when using improper form can it become unsafe. Be sure you closely following all the guidelines and safety precautions and seek professional advice when needed.

Check out each page below for an in-depth list and description of each exercise.

The Best Total-Body Exercises

Total body exercises are fantastic for blasting calories and training large muscles groups to work in unison. This is something a lot of bodybuilders miss out on and athletic careers are built upon. Learn more… 

The Best Chest Exercises

When it comes to choices of equipment dedicated to working the Pectoralis Major you certainly aren’t limited on your choices. The amount of gym real estate devoted to one particular movement says a lot about the emphasis people place on this group of muscles. Learn more…

The Best Back Exercises

A big strong back says a lot about your weight room work ethic. Easy to neglect the back muscles often times take a back seat to the mirror muscle. What’s more, having a weak back will show elsewhere in the weight room. Learn more…

The Best Shoulder Exercises

One of the more complicated muscles in the body the shoulders can work wonders for your physique and help you fill out that size L T-shirt. Big shoulders are also crucial to giving your body the “V” shape and will also help keep you injury free as you age. Learn more…

The Best Arm Exercises

The first time you ever picked up a dumbbell you probably did a Bicep curl. Not even knowing what you were doing it just seems natural to curl the weight and feel the squeeze of your bicep muscle. Learn more…

The Best Leg Exercises

Legs are quite often neglected when it comes time to work out. You see it all the time in the gym, big bulging chest and shoulders on top of stick legs. Learn more…

The Best Core Exercises

Arguably the most important group of muscles in the body your core is comprised of not just the abdominals but also the lower back, hips and to some extent the glutes. Learn more… 

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