Plyometric Boxes Breakdown and Review – How To Get A Jump On The Competition

What is a Plyobox and how can it help me?

Plyoboxes are elevated platforms used for plyometric or jumping exercises. Two popular plyometric exercises are Box Jumps and Depth Jumps. Both are excellent for improving athletic ability and sports performance. Most notably in the vertical jump.

There are several styles of plyoboxes you can choose from. The more traditional style is a  simple wooden box. These are versatile and fairly easy to build with the right tools. Just make sure you reinforce them as they can really take a beating after awhile. What’s nice about this style is you can get three different heights out of one box and can be found at a fairly reasonable price.

The other type is more like a stand rather than a box. You can buy these individually or as a set and are typically stackable. They can be extremely durable and are common in most gyms due to the compact size. There are many manufacturers of this style. When it comes to quality you want to make sure the welds are done properly. The steel used in their construction varies only slightly between manufacturers. You also want to look for a slip-resistance top mat. Using these can surely work up a good sweat.

Below, I review both styles and leave it up to you to decide which is best for you.

The Rogue Games Box

These throwback style boxes conjure up thoughts of an era when a gym was simply a big room with big weights, a punching bag, and some jump ropes hanging in the corner. Exercise and strength training at it’s purest. If this is your style then this may very well be the box for you. Offering three heights in one, this box can be used for a number of lower and upper body exercises.

What’s more is this box utilizes the same construction that was used in the Crossfit Games. That means competition quality construction in the privacy of your own home at an affordable price.

According to Rogue Fitness:

American-made, battle tested, and backed by a year-long warranty, this is a jump box built for safe, effective plyometric training at any skill level. Add a Games Box to a garage gym for a new workout dynamic or order in bulk to equip or upgrade a large scale strength and conditioning facility.

There are two purchasing options for this box available from Rogue. If you want the box prebuilt and ready to go you can order the regular Rogue Games Box HERE.

If you’d like to save a bit of money and fancy yourself a bit of a handyman you can buy the Rogue Flat Pack Games Box HERE.

The Flat Pack Box will not only save you ten bucks for construction but also a bundle on shipping costs. The flat package will take up a lot less space on the FedEx truck. Assembling the box will take about 20-30 minutes and is fairly easy to put together. With a little gluing and screwing, you’re good to go. For me, this is the way to go to ensure the construction is sound. Nothing against Rogue manufacturing but I will certainly put more love and attention into building my own box. You could also deck it out with some custom color screws and super high-quality glue.

To allow for the glue to completely adhere and dry you should leave it sit overnight before use.

Ader Black Plyometric Platform Box

A consistent quality-performer; The Ader Black Plyometric Platform Box can be found in many gyms across the country. The simple commercial-grade construction makes them the go-to plyobox for many athletes and average Joes alike. These are stackable, come in many sizes, and three colors; red, black, and white. You even have the option of mixing and matching the colors and sizes.

It appears most of the issues people find with these boxes are cosmetic problems associated with the shipping company. Overall the build and quality appear to consistently sound across the board. Ader has done a great job with quality control, but it looks as though they should look for other shipping options.

A word of caution; some people appear to have had some major problems with ANOTHER manufacturer of this style of plyoboxes. sharp edges being exposed at the corners can be extremely dangerous. I read a review where someone sliced open their shin with a different manufacturer’s plyobox resulting in a trip to the emergency room. Ader avoids this issue by ensuring the top mat slightly overlaps the corners creating a safe platform should you miss-step. Regardless, You should always use caution when performing any exercise!

For the Ader Black Plyometric Boxes

For the Ader Red Plyometric Boxes

For the Ader White Plyometric Boxes

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