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Strength Training Exercises

Welcome to’s The Best Exercise Series This is the definitive guide when it comes to all the big strength training exercises. Categorized by muscle group this guide is designed to help you perfect your form and get the most benefit from each exercise you do. Not to mention, help prevent injury as the result…

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Weight Training for Beginner’s

Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a total newb. This is the place to go for practical scientific based information on exercise. I’ll break down the guidelines professionals use when designing workouts and why we do it. Then you’ll be armed and ready to modify or even create your own…

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Health Food Products, Vitamins, & Supplements

For a long time, people seemed to believe anything labeled as “health food” or “dietary supplement” was either A a gimmick or B completely unpalatable. Then there seemed to be an en masse transition. People started popping all kinds of herbs for this and supplements for that. Without asking too many questions as…

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