Increase Testosterone Naturally – Without Supplements

Lagging testosterone levels are the bane of many men, especially once we hit our 30’s. What’s worse is some of us will never even reach the maximum level our genetics will allow for. That’s because there are many factors that influence our levels of testosterone; diet, the type of exercise we do, and even our levels of stress all play a role. Fortunately, once you learn how to use these factors to your advantage you can increase your testosterone levels naturally and do so without any supplements.

Increased levels of testosterone will give you heaps of benefits. Some of which include less body fat, more muscle, stronger bones, stronger libido, and improved mood. If you are experiencing problems with any of these areas low-T may be to blame. If you are still having problems even after you’ve made these changes, I highly recommend speaking to your doctor.

Before we get started it’s important to note, people lie and they lie a lot. I always get a laugh reading articles written by overly swollen and ripped guys who harp on how to do anything naturally. What’s even more comical are the silly routines and supplements they push.

Unfortunately, these articles tend to target the young and naive who believe following their protocols and consuming their supplements will get them the same results. This only leads to complexion issues and eating disorders.

Yes, some of them do offer good advice but a lot of it is… well, worthless. Unless of course you’re taking performance enhancing drugs. Then the rules change completely. To get honest guidance and coaching check out my Personal Training Page. I offer different packages based on your goals and budgets. I can help you achieve the results you want, Naturally.

Ok, let’s take a look at what are the top things you can do to start increasing your levels today.

1. Interval and Strength Training.

This is the number one thing you should be doing to increase testosterone levels. Overloading the muscle not only ups your levels of testosterone but so does the associated weight loss. When it comes to strength training it’s important you do the correct type of training to see the benefits. The same is true when it comes to cardio exercise.

When doing strength training it’s important you perform compound movements. These are exercises that target more than one muscle group such as the deadlift, squat, bench press, and rows just to name a few. Be sure to check out the Total Body exercises as well for a list of testosterone building movements. These exercises do a better job at overloading the muscles and promote a stronger release of muscle building hormones like testosterone.

Another important aspect is that you progressively overload the muscles. Once a weight becomes too easy to lift and you can complete the prescribed number of repetitions with perfect form you need to increase the weight.

When performing cardio exercise, steady state endurance exercise is great, but if you want to see a spike in testosterone you need to start doing intervals. According to a Study conducted by the Journal of Endocrinological and Investigation, interval training produced a significant spike in testosterone levels while steady state or long endurance type exercise produced none at all.

You can accomplish this by doing weightlifting circuits on your off days, sprints outdoors, or performing sprints on any cardio machine like the indoor rower. Not only will they help you increase testosterone levels, but they will also help your burn fat more efficiently.

2. Learn to chill

You need to learn how to better handle stress. Your body works in a fight or flight mentality. When you’re stressed your body switches its focus from producing testosterone to producing stress hormones such as cortisol. Studies have shown increased levels of cortisol are directly related to decreased levels of testosterone.

Our bodies have evolved this way to keep us safe. High levels of testosterone are associated with low-stress situations. This means not being stressed out because you’re being hunted by a saber-toothed tiger and in turn, we can safely make whoopie (associated with higher testosterone levels). You may not realize it, but your body can also stress from not getting enough food. That’s why the release of cortisol is also related to weight gain.

To remedy this, you need to do your best to minimize your levels of stress. Start by picking up some stress-relieving hobbies. If you aren’t working out, that’s a great place to start. You can also try meditation, yoga, and even getting a dog or cat can help relieve stress.

Another great way to destress is to listen to relaxing music. Calming music while you work, meditate, or relax at home, can really make a big difference. Here is good mix from YouTube you can play to get started. Just be sure to focus on releasing tension throughout your body, especially in the shoulders and jaw.

3. Eat a T-boosting diet

Eat more Vitamin D and Zinc

Getting foods high in vitamin D and Zinc have been shown in studies to improve testosterone levels in men. This is the one section where supplementing your diet may come in handy. That’s not to say you can’t get them naturally from your diet.

To increase your levels of vitamin D try eating more of the following foods:

Fish: Tuna, salmon, and sardines all contain high levels of vitamin D.

Egg yolks: These are an excellent source of Vitamin D. If you have no issues with your cholesterol then eating a few egg yolks won’t do much harm.

Milk: Not favorite sources due to the oxidative stress associated with consuming Galactose.  

Dietary sources of zinc can be found mostly from the animal products listed below. If you are a vegetarian you can stick with beans or you may want to consider supplementing your diet to get adequate levels. Use caution when supplementing. Consuming too much zinc can cause nausea.

Good sources of dietary zinc:

Oysters: Maybe this is where they get their libido-boosting power from.

Shellfish: Lobster and crab contain good amounts. The Alaskan king crab comes out on top as the highest source.

Beef: Beef is an excellent source of Zinc. Just be sure you are consuming enough dietary fiber

Beans: If you’re a vegetarian this should be your go-to source for zinc. Beans have the highest amount of zinc when compared to any other veggies. Baked beans even rival beef for the amount of zinc they contain.

Eat Less Sugar

Studies are showing sugar can destroy your T levels for up to 2 hours post-consumption. What more is this decrease can be upwards of 25%. The key to increasing testosterone and reaping the benefits is to maintain elevated levels as long as possible. If you are constantly consuming sugar over time, the drops in testosterone become more and more significant. To reap the maximum possible benefits, it’s best to avoid sugar as often as possible.

4. Get your sleep

When it comes to getting in shape, sleep is nearly as important as exercise when it comes to seeing results. The same is true with your testosterone levels. Studies are showing that individuals lacking sleep have a significant decrease in testosterone levels.

To remedy this, the study suggests establishing a sleep pattern according to your chronotype. Not sure what your chronotype is? It’s as simple as knowing whether or not you’re a night owl or an early riser. Sleeping according to how your body prefers to function is the best way to increase testosterone levels.

This may have some association with number 4 and stresses’ effect on testosterone levels. So, if you’re a night owl but have to get up early for work every day, it’s best not to stress out about it.

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