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For a long time, people seemed to believe anything labeled as “health food” or “dietary supplement” was either a gimmick or B completely unpalatable. Then there seemed to be an en masse transition. People started popping all kinds of herbs for this and supplements for that. Without asking too many questions as long as it said Natural or Herbal Remedy for (insert ailment here) people purchased it in droves. Without any regard as to where these chemical compounds originated from it’s no wonder the FDA had to step in and start regulating the outrageous and sometimes dangerous claims companies were making.

What an Herbal supplement really is…

What people fail realize is if something has a physiological effect within the body it is considered a drug. This can be anything from increasing energy, helping you sleep, to modifying your brain chemistry. Some of these all-natural supplements can have some very serious effects within the body. What’s more is when they are combined with other prescription and/or non-prescription medicines the effects can be compounded.

A common term we see all the time is side-effect. I think this term is misleading and unethical. The effects a drug has on the human body will vary from person to person. No matter how you look at it is still an effect. If I take an aspirin for a headache and my tongue turns green that is an effect aspirin has on me. Yes, it is an unintended effect but it is still an effect aspirin has on my body. By saying “oh, that’s just a side-effect” gives people the feeling that this drug, for the most part, only has one effect on your body; It makes your headache magically disappear. When we take drugs we need to realize there are many things going on in our bodies, long-term and short-term, that can have serious lasting effects on our health. That’s why it’s important to learn as much as we can before consuming anything. That goes for natural and unnatural!

The purpose of this article…

In this article, I’m going to list some common dietary supplements, their intended uses, possible effects, and where you can get your hands on some. I personally am very cautious when it comes to supplements and will only use one if I’m certain it’s right for me. Not only can they be a waste of money but also unhealthy.

It’s also important to note these are dietary supplements. If you’re eating fried chicken and pizza every other day maybe you should start there before looking for a magic pill. For more information on eating healthy I suggest reading my Healthy Weight Loss Tips for ways to clean up your diet and lose weight. In my opinion food is the strongest medicine in the world.

When it comes to supplements it is important you talk with your doctor about all the prescription and non-prescription drugs you are taking. Certain combinations of drugs can have some serious health effects. It’s important your doctor knows what you are taking!

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Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

This is considered an excellent source of omega fatty acids. Shown in scientific studies to help people lose weight it’s also a well-known aid for muscle recovery. Limited research results also show it may have some anti-cancer benefits, but is there more to it than we’re being told?

 For more information…

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This one is certainly among the more researched and popular supplements in the world. Additionally, it’s probably one of the most researched and studied supplements on the market. That being said there are something to consider before incorporating it into your diet.

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Glutamine (currently under review)

Also known as L-glutamine, this is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. This reportedly helps with athletic performance and muscle recovery. Does that mean it should be incorporated into your diet? Some research shows it might help.

Maca (currently under review)

This root, indigenous to the Andes of Peru, is a popular supplement used to treat low libido. Some other reported effects are increased vitality and improved complexion. Gaining popularity in the US this is another supplement you may want to consider including in your diet,

Nitric Oxide

This is essentially and L-arginine supplement. It’s intended purpose is to increase blood flow to the muscle allowing for a greater muscle pump and an increased flow of nutrients throughout the body. This in turn is could aid in muscle recovery and greater gains post workout.

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Many studies have been conducted on the supposed health effects of Omega-3’s and how they can help with heart, brain, and joint health. Typically taken as a pill this maybe another one to consider adding to your diet.

For more information…

Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements

Protein Powder

This one should certainly be incorporated into your diet if you are lifting weights. Male or female protein is essential to post-workout recovery and seeing improvements in the gym. Unfortunately, not all proteins are created the equal!

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A fairly new addition to the supplement game this one is getting a lot of attention as one of the most potent nutrient dense super foods. With a plethora of health claims, this one certainly deserves more looking into.

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