This is not a drawing. This is not based on luck.

This 4-week online coaching program is free upon completion. All you have to do is put in the work.

Before we begin, I’m looking for people that need to:

  • Lose 6-8 lbs of fat.
  • Overcome laziness and get motivated to workout
  • Get serious about their workouts
  • Get the flexibility of online coaching.

Why free upon completion?

I want serious applicants only. I put a lot of work into designing your program. If you don’t have faith in yourself and you aren’t willing to put up the $$$, then you aren’t serious about this program. If you can complete the program, log the workouts, and make changes to your nutrition, then I will happily send you back your money at the end of the program.

Are you ready to become a success story?


Jeff is an expert not only in fitness but also nutrition. His guidance was great. Whilst he didn’t promote complete abstinence, he made sure I tightened up on my vices during the program. The results speak for themselves. It won’t be easy, but he guarantees results.

-Johhny Ward




My favorite things about the program are I felt better, I had more energy, and I got great results. I’m totally happy I signed up!

-Theo Samuels




I feel totally transformed physically, but even more so mentally. My energy levels are through the roof, efficiency in work has increased, sleeping patterns drastically improved (up at 5 am with no problem), and my overall mindfulness is in a much better place.  I feel amazing!

-David Carter


No, this won’t be easy, but it’s not impossible.

If you’re ready to make changes to your nutrition, sleep, and get serious about your training then you can do this. Follow my program and in 4-weeks you will see incredible results.

This is all about you and RESULTS.

Yes, I do work for money, but my objective is to help people accomplish their goals first and foremost. To get your money back I require a few steps to follow and don’t worry, I’m here 100% to help you succeed.

  1. Complete and log 90% of the workouts.
  2. Adhere to the nutritional guidance. You’ll be required to log your food 3 days per week (two weekdays, and Saturday or Sunday)
  3. Moderate alcohol consumption.
  4. Get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night.
  5. Submit weekly progress emails.
  6. Take this program seriously.

This is limited to only 2 spots and will go fast so, don’t miss out. Apply now and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

The up front (refundable) cost is $74 USD.


1. Your First & Last Name

2. Your Email

3. Height

4. Weight

5. Skype ID or Phone Number

6. Date of birth

7. So we can build a little rapport, tell me what your favorite book, movie, or podcast is.

8. Do you exercise regularly?

9. Rate your experience with exercise.

10. What do you hope to achieve by signing up for this program?

11. Do you have any pre-existing injuries or conditions I should be aware of?

12. Have you ever signed-up for online coaching before?

13. Why is joining a premium web-based training program important to you?

14. Are you 110% willing to commit to this program?