Calling all moms, It’s time to reclaim your body and your health!

Inner super mom

Online health coaching… with an actual coach.

1. Shape and tone your body

Using nutrition and exercise in the right combination is the key to achieving the body you so desperately desire. With my program I will lay everything out for you; flexible meal plans and easy to follow workouts. The best thing is it will be a step-by-step program. Everything is laid out in phases. The 12-week program will take you from Fitness Newbie to Master of Your Own Universe. Trying to implement too much at one time is a recipe for failure. The best approach is to structure the program in phases to make sure you maintain compliance and see results.

2. Improve your confidence

Become more comfortable in your own skin. Amazing as it is, having a baby can wreak havoc on your body and mind. Things head in directions you’d not rather see and the stresses of child rearing can take its toll. By showing you how to reclaim and improve your health, strength, and better manage your time you can learn to master your confidence.

3. Your clothes will fit better

Tired of looking at your favorite pair of jeans and wondering if you’ll ever fit into them again? Or what about that little black dress you’re dying to wear on a night out with friends or family? If you follow my program not only will you be able to wear clothes you haven’t fit in for years but you’ll be able to wear them with confidence.

4. Increased Energy

With the Supermom program, I focus on more than just belly fat. It’s so important to promote healthy sleeping habits and proper nutrition. Without these two key components, the workouts and life in general, are more of a hassle than something you look forward too. Imagine what you could accomplish with more energy throughout the entire day.

5. Improved Mental Clarity

Exercise and proper nutrition will allow you to think quicker and more clearly. It’s scientifically proven to improve productivity and performance. Exercise has been shown in numerous studies to help you improve memory, learn new things, solve problems, and think more clearly.

6. Reduced stress and get a handle on depression

Exercise will quickly become a form of therapy. Studies have shown exercise is as effective as anti-depressants when it comes to curing depression. In the short term, exercise will release dopamine resulting in a feeling of euphoria after exercise. Following a consistent fitness program will allow you to fully experience all the benefits of exercise and that’s exactly what this program will help you establish.

7. Establish a healthy lifestyle routine

Part of the program is all about establishing healthy sustainable habits. Consistency and compliance are the keys to your success. This isn’t a cleanse or detox program, this is a lifestyle adjustment program designed to stay with you for the rest of your life.

8.Improved dietary habits

Exercise is only part of the equation. What you’re putting in your mouth plays a huge role in how you feel and what you see in the mirror. With the program, you will actually relearn how to eat and what is classified as healthy nutrition.

9. Reduce pain and stiffness

Achy and painful joints can make even simple tasks difficult to perform. With the supermom program, I can target specific problem areas and help you improve muscular balance and joint mobility.

10. Establish Better Sleep patterns

Today’s fast paced world can keep your brain working well into the night. Even when you try to shut your mind off, you can’t. With my program, I will help you establish simple sleep habits that will help you not only get to sleep faster but sleep better and longer. Improper sleeping habits can be detrimental to your health. With better sleep you will feel more energized throughout the day, have better workouts, and it will help balance your hormones.

I promise I make the program as easy as possible to follow. Short workouts, simple nutrition plans, and tips to help you sleep better than ever before. 

This is a program designed with you in mind!

Why the 12-week Supermom program is different.

  • The entire program is affordable and customized specifically for you. No two programs will ever be the same.
  • The step-by-step progressive design makes compliance easy.
  • The short workouts average about 30-40 mins and can be designed for whatever equipment you have available.
  • You will learn why certain exercises are important to your success and how to eat a balanced healthy diet.
  • You will learn exactly what to do and become empowered to take control of your health.
  • In turn, you will know how to make smart decisions when it comes to you and your family’s health.


“I really liked Jeff’s approach to getting me back into my fitness routine.  He worked within my limits and injuries to ensure that my training program was realistic and achievable… This approach meant that I was able to achieve my goals quicker without aggravating pre-existing injuries.”

-Janine Carminato, Former Pro Figure Competitor

“I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Jeff for a number of training session. His advice and techniques are both personalized and up-to-date. You can do no wrong seeking his coaching services.”

-Dr. Anthony Perillo
Retired Physician & Manager of Multiple Medicine and Rehab Facilities

Supermom Survival Guide

Ebook Cover

With my program, you will get a copy of the Supermom Survival Guide eBook. 

In the guide, I go over in detail what to do for each week of the program. I also discuss many topics such as, whether or not you should drink diet soda, which exercises are the most effective, and how to start getting a better nights sleep. The guide alone is all you need to drastically improve your health.

By following the tips outlined in the guide and the fitness and meal plan, it’s a no-fail solution to your improving your health.

Here are some sample pages from the guide

Custom Fitness Plans

Using technology to improve your health

Accessing your workout and tracking your progress has never been easier. You will have access to online app compatible with android and ios. You can also access the program through your desktop.

I will upload your custom workouts and you can watch helpful videos on how to complete the exercises. This is where you will also upload your body stats and before and after pictures.

Landing page pic

The Trainerize Application makes online training a walk in the park (the workouts are another story). Here are some screen shots of the app in action:

Custom Nutrition plans

Colorful salad

The Supermom program wouldn’t be complete without a custom meal plan.

Easily choose from foods you like with my flexible and customizeable meal plans.


1. How does the program work?

The Supermom Healthy Lifestyle Program focuses on the four major components of health; nutrition, fitness, sleep, and stress management. The program is laid out in three phases with each phase lasting four weeks. The program is 12-weeks long in total.

The program is progressive in design and will help you establish healthy lifestyle habits. At the beginning the program you will receive a username and password to access the download page of Supermom Healthy Lifestyle Program Survival Guide. All the files are downloadable and printable pdfs. Each week you will be required to implement several new tips designed to help you reclaim your health. The health tips will be as easy as possible to understand and implement.

The custom nutrition plans will be designed using my customized nutrition program. The nutrition programs will be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you prefer holistic, vegetarian, vegan, balanced, or any other special requirements I can cater to your need. Additionally, the plans can also be customized to mothers who are breastfeeding. You are free to choose a program based off of portion sizes or you can choose a meal plan where you are told specifically what to eat. For more information see Custom Nutrition Plans.

2. I’m completely new to exercise. Can I still do this program?

Absolutely! After you make your purchase you will be directed to a questionnaire page where you will tell me what equipment you have and your experience with exercise. I will then design the exercise program based off of the information you provide.

Additionally, I include my Functional Movement Mastery Program. This program will break down the six basic exercise patterns to master before progressing to more advanced exercises. It’s all about progressing slowly and mastering the basics. I will also be available weekly to answer your question through email support. At no point should you feel lost or be in a position where you don’t know what to do.

3. What Equipment do I need?

Nothing at all! As a beginner, I will show you how you can get an effective workout with little to no equipment. As you progress through the exercise program you will eventually want access to at least a couple pairs of dumbbells (typically cost is about $1 per pound) or a set of resistance bands. Even if you decide to not use any weights through the whole program you can still get an effective workout and see results.

For those of you that have a gym membership, I can implement any equipment you like. That being said, the program focuses on safe, effective, and efficient resistance training exercises that are best implemented with the use of free weights. Weight machines are ok for specific populations, but if you are injury-free and relatively healthy you are better off using free-weights. In fact, some machines are shown to actually cause injury as opposed to preventing it! Trust me on this, it’s one of the best things you can do for your fitness.

4. How long will it take to receive my program and when can I get started?

It takes 2-3 days from the time payment is received to the time your first program is ready. It’s typically recommended to get started at the beginning of the week with the program. That being said once the program is designed you can get started whenever you’re ready!

5. Can you cater to special dietary requirements?

Yes, there are a number of options with the meal plans. You can choose meal plans for increased protein, increased carbohydrates, balanced plans, vegan, holistic, and vegetarian plans. There is also a point system plan that is based off on portion sizes. You simply choose the food items that fit your plan from a list of over 150 different foods. For more information see Custom Nutrition Plans.

6. What credentials and experience do you have?

I have my B.S. in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Louisiana Technological University. I’m a certified Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine and a Group Exercise instructor with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I have over eight years of coaching experience and over 15 years of experience in training and nutrition. I’ve dedicated my life to the pursuit of mastering a sustainable healthy lifestyle and I’m eager to share my knowledge with you!

7. How much time will I have to dedicate to the program?

This will vary from person to person. The program is designed to integrate as seamlessly as possible with your existing routine. That being said, if you don’t have a routine in place it will be time to establish some regular habits. At a minimum, when you are first starting, it will require two hours per week for workouts and an hour or two for weekly meal prepping and shopping.

8. How are payments processed?

All payments are handled through PayPal. You can sign up for the monthly recurring payment or pay for the whole program up front and receive a discount. For more information see Pricing.

9. What guarantee do I have this will work?

I personally guarantee my program. If you aren’t satisfied after successful completion of the program I will refund your money. The only thing I require is that you follow the program in its entirety.

No Risk Guarantee

To show you how serious I am, if you aren’t happy with your results after completing the program I will give you a FULL REFUND. That’s right, I know my methods work, and if you don’t experience all the benefits listed above I’ll give you your money back.

All I ask for is one thing: ACCOUNTABILITY. I want a commitment. You have to follow my guidance, complete 90% of the workouts, and keep up with your meal plan. If you still aren’t satisfied I will give you your money back.

As a special thank you I’ll give you the ebook as a free gift for trying the program. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Average price for a personal trainer is $50 per hour.

For a custom meal plan, you can expect to pay about $100 per month.

What you pay for my 12-week program you could only get 5 or 6 pt sessions and that wouldn’t include a meal plan.

Not to mention, all the extras I’m offering below.

With my program you get:

  • 12-week Custom Fitness Programsatisfaction-guaranteed
  • 12-week Custom Nutrition Plans
  • The Healthy Living Survival Guide
  • Structured Implementation Plan
  • Access to the Fundamental Movement Mastery Program

I offer a structured payment plan or you can purchase the entire program up front at a discount.

Option 1: 3-month payment plan

Your account will be charged every month for three months.

3 monthly payments of $94.97

Option 2: Purchase the entire 12-week package at a discount.Best deal

Your account will be charged one time. 

One-time payment of $249.97

-Do something today your future self will thank you for-