Barbell Breakdown and Review of the Rogue 2.0

If you’ve pulled the trigger on a power rack you’re obviously going to need a barbell and some weight plates to go with it. Or maybe you’re waiting on the power rack and just want more options than what dumbbells have to offer. Either way when it comes to building strength a barbell and some plates are essential to performing many of the most popular strength and power exercises.

There are many options and sizes when it comes to choosing a barbell and plates. As you can imagine when it comes to equipment used in competitive sports there’s nearly an unlimited number of options to choose from. You should first decide if you want the standard one-inch size or the Olympic two-inch size. The Olympic size is the standard for most commercial gyms and they are the ones I recommend. They are more expensive but when it comes to durability these are the best choice. If you’re on a budget you can go for the standard size but be sure to avoid the screw type bars as they can take forever to change the weights. When it comes to making a decision between the two try to get something you can grow into. Nothing is more frustrating than maxing out a bar on those cheap sets. Not to mention extremely dangerous.

When picking a barbell there are also many brands to choose from. You can always go with the cheaper brand’s available on such as CAP, Marcy, or the one-off Ivanko (not made in the USA). They may, for the most part, have good reviews but when it comes to specs they are certainly lagging behind their bigger competitors. You must take care you don’t bend the bar when lifting heavier weights. It is also not advised to drop the bar which is common with Crossfit and Olympic lifts. You can cause some serious damage to the bar and possibly yourself.

The best option that will allow room for growth are the brand names such as Eleiko, Ivanko (made in the USA), Rogue, Vulcan, and WerkSan. Go with any of these brands and you can rest assured you are getting a quality piece of equipment.

There are three major types of the two-inch Olympic style barbells. One designed for powerlifting, one for Olympic lifts, and one for general or multi-purpose lifting. For at home use, it’s best to stick with a multipurpose bar. Below is what I consider the best choice for general weight lifting but it also has nice features for performing Olympic lifts.

Rogue 2.0 – A true multi-purpose performer with top notch specs.

With a lifetime guarantee against bending or breaking, this is one bar you can’t go wrong with. The original Rogue is the flagship bar for Rogue Fitness and was the go-to bar for the Crossfit Games. The upgrades on the 2.0 are touting new self-lubricating composite bushings for a silky smooth spin and a whopping 190,000 PSI tensile strength. This is certain to make it the go-to bar for Crossfitters across the country once again.

With quality machined knurling for a confident grip, it comes with dual markings for both Olympic and powerlifters. The finish is a black zinc shaft with bright zinc sleeves. To further add to the sex appeal It comes with a CNC’d groove in the sleeve to add customized bands. This is to make identification of different bars easier for coaches and trainers.

Arguably the best feature of this bar is the price. With a lifetime guarantee at $255.00 it is a steal by any right. It may very well be the only bar you will ever have or want to buy. At least till the 3.0 comes out.

Check out the Rogue 2.0 at

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