12 Wk Transformation WK-2: Zero-G and The missing component to fitness!

Week 2 started out awesome, got a little painful, but finished awesome thanks to some embryonic zero-G floating.

If this is your first visit be sure to check out my week 1 progress!

I’ve officially started my upper/lower split program and have been hitting it hard. Sunday was my cheat day and I think I ate two pizzas on my own. I’ve had a ferocious appetite since increasing my training. I make sure I always have plenty of healthy food during the week, but on Sundays… it gets a little messy.

Monday was upper body workout A with a focus on my upper back and all the pulling exercises. Tuesday was squat day and the majority of all the knee dominate exercises. On my last set of squats I was tensing my core so much I felt a bit of a strain in my mid back. Weird feeling but the mild aching went away after my rest day on Wednesday. I felt so good on Thursday I finished my AM upper body weight session and jumped in on a CrossFit session in the PM.


The morning workout was a lot of chest work in addition to pullups and heavy push presses. I would later come to regret the heavy push presses as the CrossFit WOD was lots of Cleans, Push presses, and Jerks. Lot’s of overhead stuff. It’s no surprise people always get hurt from CrossFit.

***Warning: Upcoming Rant***

I just want to interject and mention I’ve spent years studying these lifts. That’s working one-on-one with many experienced strength coaches on not only my own form, but learning how to teach these lifts as well. To think you could have a someone comprehend these lifting techniques and then be able to teach them after some overnight $1000 certification program is ludacris. Not to mention in a group setting! I’m not saying all CrossFit coaches are bad, most just aren’t qualified enough to be doing what they are doing.

And if I were completely honest, I don’t even think I would want to be teaching these lifts in a group setting. You really need to make sure you have a lot of things going right before you even attempt these lifts and we aren’t all the same. Unless you get some one-on-one guidance from a coach that knows what he’s doing you’re likely to end up with an injury at some point. ok, whew.

***End Rant***

Regardless, CrossFit does have it’s pros. Doing challenge based exercises is really awesome. Especially if you are the competitive type. Additionally, the group setting and the CF community is strong. Everyone is really friendly and always ready to cheer you on.

The workout was 8 EMOM Pwr Clean + push press + 2x jerks w/ 140lbs then the WOD was “Grace.” 30 Full Cleans & Jerks within 15mins w/ 140lbs. Might look easy on paper, but that’s the deceptive thing about CrossFit.

Pics of me throwing some weight around.

Yes, that is on a rooftop in the middle of downtown Bangkok. This is the club where I work. The view is incredible. If you’re ever in Bangkok and are itching for a workout come check us out at The Aspire Club.

Friday was deadlift day and I was hurting.

I will lift heavy weights while wearing silly hotdog socks. It’s what I do.

The two workouts from Thursday had taken a toll on my back. It was also my day to do my favorite lift, the deadlift. I was in my morning shower just cringing at the thought of doing deadlifts later that day but I knew I wouldn’t miss it.

It’s been a challenge for me to even do deadlifts. A couple years ago I had an MRI done after experiencing constant back pain. I mean like, difficulty bending over to tie my shoes kind of back pain. Well, as it turns out years of competitive sports and improper form while strength training when I was younger resulted in quite a bit of damage to my lower back. As the doctor put it “I have the back of a 70-year-old man.”

Obviously, I’m not letting it slow me down. I just lift smarter now and take care on more advanced lifts. Regardless, it still catches up to me from time to time. To help I’ll sometimes get a Thai Massage but it never really helps and can make it worse on occasion. So, I’ve stopped that practice.

I was able to workout Friday without much problem. I just jammed some black keys on the headphones (great deadlifting music) and did plenty of warming up. I really focused on getting my back loose. Shortly after the workout though I could feel the spasms in my back starting to get worse.

This time, I wanted to try something new to help relieve the pain.

Experiencing Zero G in Bangkok


No, there isn’t some weird gravity-free zone in Thailand. I tried out floating and it’s probably the closest thing to experiencing zero gravity. You literally float in a big saltwater pod for an hour. No lights, no sounds, nothing you just floating. It’s total sensory deprivation. It sounds crazy but I read reviews that it could help relieve tension and aches in the body. I figured, Why not give it a try.

I went to the Theta State Float Center in downtown BKK. They’ve actually partnered with us at The Aspire Club. I thought I would go down and meet them and try it out so I could give my honest opinion on it.

Without trying to turn this into a lengthy review, I’ll give you my impressions and how it worked out for me.

The place has a really cool trendy vibe. Certainly very comfortable. The orientation was good. Annile, the owner, is a really nice down-to-earth kind of guy. He gets you situated and ready for go in for your first float so you know what to expect.

The pods are huge so unless you’re really claustrophobic, you’ll be pretty comfortable. If you are uncomfortable they have open rooms you can float in as well.

You get your own private room. Once in the room you have about 5 minutes to have a shower and then get settled in your pod. Nice music plays for about 5-10 mins and then they turn it off and you’re just in there floating. The first 10 minutes I was getting antsy. Annile told me that was normal and just hang in there. I eventually just started listening to my breathing because there’s really not much else to do and that really started to relax me.

Within about ten minutes of just floating there, I could feel my spine relaxing and I suddenly heard and felt a loud pop (more like a thud) in my lower back and hips back. Almost like a chiropractic adjustment. It actually scared me a little. Within another 20 minutes, my back had completely relaxed. I had actually forgotten about my back pain while in there until I heard the pop.

I’m sitting here writing this now, and I can’t get over how loose my back feels. It’s incredible. Before the float, just sitting and working was difficult, now it feels great.

With something like this, you certainly get out what you put in. It was a super weird sensation just floating with no light, no sound, and only your thoughts. But it’s like I could finally stop being distracted and put some real thought into what you need to think about. At times I would completely zone out and meditate then other times I would be thinking incredibly hard about random things.

One thing that Annile said was floating it isn’t like meditation. You’re supposed to have thoughts and really emphasize and think about those thoughts. So I did and I realized a very important factor to success.

Training, Nutrition, and Recovery isn’t enough!

While I was in there thinking I realized that there is one thing most trainers and health coaches never practice with their clients.

People have to see themselves accomplishing something before they will ever be able to do it. If you cannot picture yourself fit and healthy and see yourself living a fit and healthy lifestyle then you will never really have that life. You have to change your subconscious thought processes through continued visualizations of what you want to get what you want.

If you cannot see it, you cannot be it.

This isn’t a one-time thing either. You have to practice this constantly. You have to become what you want. That’s if you really want it. Most people know what they need to do to get in shape but they do nothing to change how they feel about themselves and therefore don’t change how they act. If you truly want something you have to become it and do so at any cost. Even if others discourage you from doing so.

Make a goal card

Here’s something I heard about a while ago and I think it’s a great idea. Write down on a piece of paper what you want, when you want to achieve it, and how you’re going to do it.

Here’s the thing, you have to write it like you’ve already achieved it. Here’s an example.

“I lost 10kg of body fat in three months by eating healthy and exercising regularly.”

Fold that piece of paper up and put it somewhere you will read it every day like in your wallet or purse. Read it every time you think about it. See yourself making the right decisions. Working out even after a long day, saying no to the candy aisle, whatever it takes just see yourself making smart choices.

That’s it for today. Stay tuned for next weeks progress. I’ll be hitting it hard this week and visualizing success!

til then have a good one,

Coach Jeff


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