12-Week Transformation Wk1: Getting schooled by a 52 year old man

It’s been a good week.

I’ve gotten a lot done:

  • Stayed consistently full on good food for the last 7 days.
  • Got strength and mobility back in the shoulders (as best I could for one week)
  • Succeeded in completely destroying my legs, especially the glutes and hammies.
  • Finalized the workout for the next four weeks
  • I got schooled by a 52 year old man.

More on that below

Training your muscles stimulates growth; Food is the growth!

Lot’s of good healthy food! I can’t say it enough. Eat clean and if you’re trying to bulk up eat every few hours. If you have a food delivery option… DO IT!

Shoulder work:

Worked on the shoulders Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Here are some pictures of the 10-12 minute routine I spend on shoulders.

Lat stretch

If you have tightness in the lats this is a great way to improve flexibility while improving shoulder stability. I’m looking at you pull-up guy.

Get a pvc pipe or a really light bar and don’t use much more than 2.5-5kg or 5-10lbs. This places your shoulders are in a very vulnerable position so it’s a good idea to take it slow and don’t use a lot of weight! hold the bottom position 5-10 seconds and bring back to the top. Pause one second and return to the stretch position. Do 5-8 reps depending on severity.

Y-T-L-W-I Raise

It’s quick, easy (to understand not execute), and only requires a bench and a couple light dumbbells. It’s called Y-T-L-W-I raise. Take note of the hand positions! they are very important when it comes to hitting the right muscles in the posterior deltoids or back of the shoulders. Perform each raise one after the other for 8-10 reps. Do 2-3 rounds.






The up coming workouts

Aaron and I met a few times this week to plan out our workouts for the next four weeks. I think We’ve finally got it down and we’re both really excited about it. The primise is on high frequency with a good amount of volume. This mean working out more often with lots of work (or volume) during the session. Not for the faint of heart! It will require an adequate amount of nutrients to keep from overtraining as well. Luckily I have that covered.

We are going to do upper/lower splits four days per week. There are two upper body workouts and two lower body workouts.

Upper Body Workout A: Monday

Emphasizes strength on pushing exercises and muscular endurance on pulling exercises.

Upper Body Workout B: Thursday

As you may have guessed, the opposite of workout A.Emphasizes strength on pulling exercises and muscular endurance on pushing exercises.

Lower Body Workout A: Tuesday

Emphsize strength on hip dominate exercises and muscular endurance on knee dominate exercises

Lower Body Workout B: Friday

Opposite again to A. Emphsize strength on knee dominate exercises and muscular endurance on hip dominate exercises

Why and how it works.

There are two types of hypertrophy or muscle growth.

The first is known as Myofibrillar Hypertrophy. When you perform exercises in the 3-6 rep range you are emphasizing strength. This rep range will force the muscles to form new myofibrils. This not only allows you to lift more weight but will also increase the size of the muscles.

The second is known as Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. This is the main type of hypertrophy when performing reps in the 11-15 reps range. As an added benefit this rep range that releases the greatest amount of fat burning horomones. The hypertrophy in this rep range can be attributed to the increased number of mitochondria in the muscle cells. Mitochondria are the power houses of the cells when it comes to muscular endurance. They are what allows you to continue running for long distances.

As some of you may be wondering about the 8-12 rep range being labeled as “Hypertrophy.” It is, but the reason why is because it strikes a good balance between the two. If you never venture into higher or lower rep ranges you’ll never fully maximize either. As I tell all of my clients, the best way to train is with variety. You’ll have less injury and you’re more likely to fully tap into what you are capable of.

Testing out one of the leg days

Aaron and I hit it hard Thursday. We did one of the leg workouts and I have to say it worked like a charm. Plenty of overload! I know some of you are interested in seeing the program. Put your email in below. I’ll get it typed up in Excel and email it to you. Needless to say I’m super sore today!

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Training with the 52-year old beast!

The only limits are the ones you set…

The weekend is here. So it’s time to rest and recover Right? Not today! I trained with one of my clients on this beautiful Bangkok Saturday morning. Chris is a 52-year old beast of a human being. Best work ethic of all my clients. Everyday he walks on to the gym floor he yells across the gym to me, “Dude! let’s get huge!” the next 30 mins is a blur of deadlifts, squats, bench, and what ever else I throw at him. He only stays for 30 min session but gets more done in that time than most people can handle in an hour.

In my current state of sorness I was worried, but I knew I had to bring my A-game. Not sure I’m ready for this.

45 minutes of three brutal supersets

We snapped a few pics of eachother during the workout but Chris moves so quick it was hard to get a clear one. haha. Sorry guys, next time!

Round one: Compound exercises 5 sets- feel the burn

Split Squats: 5 reps/each leg (heavy!)

No rest

Hex Bar Speed Squats: 10 reps

Rest 90 sec

Round two: Hip flexion/extension 3 sets

Weighted Glute Ham Developer: 10 reps

Rest 30 sec

Weighted Hanging Leg Raises: 10 reps

Rest 30 sec

Round three: Rotational core/quad killer 3 sets

Kneeling rotational med ball toss: 10 reps/side

No rest

70kg sled push: 2 laps

No rest

I have an easy 30 lbs on Chris, not to mention I’m 20 years younger! Chris is the perfect example of what your mindset should be. I’m not just talking about training but with life too! We both killed it today and had a ton of fun doing it. Pound for pound Chris is on a whole other level.

Next week I’ll be back to putting him through his paces and pushing him to the limits and I know he’ll be there ready to “Get Huge!”

Thanks for reading!

I hope this inspired you to stop making excuses and finally go after what you want. It’s all about removing the limits you put on yourself. You have it in you but you have to change your mindset in order to achieve it.

Until next time,

have a good one!

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